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Get Free Read & Download Files 50 Shades Of Grey Tagalog Chapter 1 PDF. 50 SHADES OF GREY TAGALOG CHAPTER 1. Download: 50 Shades Of Grey. Download Fifty Shades Of Grey Tagalog Version read. Name: Fifty Shades Of Grey Tagalog Version Rating: Likes: Types: ebook | djvu | pdf | mp3. Fifty Shades Of Grey Tagalog Version fifty shades of grey - wikipedia - fifty shades of grey is a erotic romance novel by british author e. l. james. it became.

Women will behave the same way they have been taught to behave in all social, professional, and sexual interactions. I sure thought so.

Fifty Shades of Grey

I glare at him. Ana, who are you kidding? Leave that to the menfolk. Men, you know, the other sex, the ones that have been raised to talk about emotions. In public. A stranger. But accept his help and trust his kindness she does.

When she wakes up in his suite the next morning, pantsless by the way, she accuses Christian of stalking her. Pressing his suit! I glance up at Christian.

I try to bit my lip, but I fail to repress my giggle. You sound like a courtly knight. How she glosses over it all and makes a fucking joke about it is appalling. It continues by the way. I was with Kate.

A shrug is a dismissive gesture, just in case you were wondering.

She downplays the severity of what happened. Why does she do this? Guess what? And now the grand finale, victim shaming and blaming. She feels cruel for not returning the calls of the man that forced himself upon her? Well, of course she does.

She's been trained to be gracious and polite. Devastated, she breaks up with Christian and returns to the apartment she shares with Kate. Background and publication[ edit ] James in The Fifty Shades trilogy was developed from a Twilight fan fiction series originally titled Master of the Universe and published episodically on fan-fiction websites under the pen name "Snowqueen's Icedragon". After comments concerning the sexual nature of the material, James removed the story from the fan-fiction websites and published it on her own website, FiftyShades.

Later she rewrote Master of the Universe as an original piece, with the principal characters renamed Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and removed it from her website before publication. Good on her—she's doing well. That's great! The first, titled Fifty Shades of Grey, was released as an e-book and a print on demand paperback in May by The Writers' Coffee Shop, a virtual publisher based in Australia.

The Writers' Coffee Shop had a restricted marketing budget and relied largely on book blogs for early publicity, but sales of the novel were boosted by word-of-mouth recommendation. The book's erotic nature and perceived demographic of its fan base as being composed largely of married women over thirty led to the book being dubbed "Mommy Porn" by some news agencies.

Many other erotic works quickly became best-sellers following Fifty Shades' success, while other popular works, such as Anne Rice 's The Sleeping Beauty trilogy, have been reissued this time without pseudonyms to meet the higher demand.

James its best-selling author, replacing J. Rowling , though worldwide the Harry Potter series sold more than million copies compared with Fifty Shades of Grey's sales of 60 million copies.

Salman Rushdie said about the book: "I've never read anything so badly written that got published. It made Twilight look like War and Peace. And acknowledging that fact — maybe even appreciating it — shouldn't be a cause for guilt. James was listed as one of Time magazine's " Most Influential People in the World", [37] Richard Lawson of The Atlantic Wire criticised her inclusion due to the trilogy's fan fiction beginnings. This is speculated to be due to people unfamiliar with both the proper use of these toys and the safe practice of bondage and other "kinky" sexual fetishes in attempting to recreate what they had read.

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati said in an early February letter, "The story line is presented as a romance; however, the underlying theme is that bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism are normal and pleasurable.

In , social scientist Professor Amy E. Bonomi published a study wherein multiple professionals read and assessed the books for characteristics of intimate partner violence , or IPV, using the CDC's standards for emotional abuse and sexual violence. Christian lets her know that they did not have sex, but he did undress her and sent her clothes to be cleaned because they were splattered with vomit. She showers and they discuss the events of the previous night her drinking, Jose's advances, the expensive books, etc.

He sent her the books as an apology, and because he can't seem to stay away from her despite not wanting a romantic relationship. They discuss her future plans to apply for internships and move to Seattle after graduation. She tries to tempt him to touch her, but he clearly states that he won't until he has her "written consent" and offers to take her to Seattle to his apartment to show her what he means by that.

Extremely intrigued, Ana accepts. After breakfast, they leave the hotel, but not before sharing a passionate kiss in the elevator. Christian takes her home and says he will pick her up later that evening. At home, Ana tells Kate who spent the night with Elliot how things seem to be moving along with Christian.

She goes to work at Clayton's and discovers Jose has been trying to contact her, but she decides to let him "stew" for a while. Christian picks her up after work, and they take his private helicopter, Charlie Tango, to Seattle. She signs and asks if Christian is going to "make love" to her, and he says he doesn't make love, he "fucks.

She insists on seeing what's inside the room, so they go inside to find that it is filled with all kinds of sex toys and bondage equipment. If she agrees to this, there are rules she must follow, and she will surrender herself to him "in all ways.

Ana is taken aback by all of this; however she doesn't leave. They leave the room and discuss things further, with Christian being very business-like about everything and urging her to ask questions knowing it's a lot for her to take in.

The paperwork also explains "hard limits," or things that are not negotiable such as sexual acts involving children or animals, fire, breath control, etc. Ana reveals that she is a virgin, which shocks Christian. He feels foolish and just "assumed" she's been with men because she is so beautiful. He takes her to his bedroom to deflower her and "make love" by having "vanilla sex" sex without toys or anything kinky.

She has her first orgasm while he is only playing with her nipples. He has sex with her twice missionary position and doggie-style , and she thoroughly enjoys every second of it. After a short sleep, Ana finds Christian playing a sad song on his piano. He says he can't sleep because he isn't used to sleeping with anyone else. They go back to his bedroom and fall asleep together. In the morning, Ana fixes breakfast for herself and Christian while thinking about everything that has happened.

Christian joins her and urges her to eat all of her breakfast he's obsessed with Ana eating full meals all the time. She speaks to Kate on the phone who tries to get details out of her about her night with Christian, but she is coy about it and hangs up.

She asks Christian if it is okay for her to discuss their sex life with Kate despite signing the NDA; however she will not mention his Red Room of Pain her nickname for the playroom of sex toys and bondage.

He says he doesn't want her to because Elliot and Kate are sleeping together, and his family knows nothing about his bondage lifestyle. He also reveals that he's never had vanilla sex before and that he actually enjoyed it. They take a bath together and fool around some more. She gives him a blow job unbelievably, an amazing one despite it being her first time doing that , and he goes down on her and has sex with her while her hands are tied together with one of his neck ties the gray one that's on the cover of the book.

Suddenly they hear voices outside the room, one of which turns out to be Christian's mother. After throwing some clothes on, they go into the living room where Christian happily introduces Grace to Ana. Grace is glad to meet her and comments on not seeing Christian for 2 weeks, and she misses him. After a brief exchange, Grace leaves, and Christian takes a business call. Ana notices Jose has called her again, much to Christian's dismay.

They leave in his Audi R8 Spyder to go back to Portland. Christian reveals he was seduced by his mother's friend when he was 15 years old and was her submissive for 6 years.

They are still good friends to this day, and his mother has no idea about any of it. Ana is disgusted that Christian was sexually abused as a teen, but he doesn't see it that way. His relationships with his past subs dissolved due to "incompatibility" and he feels that he and Ana are very compatible and urges her to do the research in hopes that she will sign the contact and be his.

Ana seems to have some reservations about the whole thing, but Christian's allure keeps her intrigued. Christian takes Ana home, and they agree to see each other again on Wednesday.

Kate is eager to know the details about Ana's first sexual experience. Ana admits she's unsure about their future as a couple saying that Christian is "complicated.

Jose calls Ana and apologizes for making a pass at her, but expresses his disdain about her seeing Christian. She promises to have coffee with him sometime soon, and they hang up. Kate and Ana pack up much of their apartment, and Ana thinks about her situation with Christian, and if she wants to pursue a sexual relationship with him.

After much avoidance, she gets out the contract and reads it. The contract is extremely business-like and outlines all the rules that Ana must obey, all the sexual acts that they may engage in which may be negotiated , and exactly what is expected by both the Dom and the Sub.

The Dom will financially provide for everything and make sure the Sub is in good emotional and physical condition, and in return, the Sub will submit to every need and want the Dom has. Breaking any of the rules will result in punishment of the Dom's choosing, such as whipping or spanking.

Ana tries to take it all in, still having major reservations about the whole idea of being Christian's "sex slave," but part of her finds the whole prospect thrilling and very hot.

She goes to sleep dreaming of Christian. The next day, Christian sends a brand-new MacBook Pro to Ana, and also equips her with an email address so he can contact her.

They send a few emails back and forth discussing their future date on Wednesday and questions about the contract. Ana goes to work at Clayton's and gets coffee with Jose on her lunch break. She forgives him for making a pass at her, and they are friends again. The next day, Ana decides to go for a run and think some more about the contract.

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As a joke, Ana emails Christian that she's "seen enough" and that "it was nice knowing you," but regrets sending it worried that Christian won't see it as a joke at all. Turns out she's right, as he shows up in her bedroom not long after claiming that her email required an in-person response to remind her just how "nice" it was to know him.

He ties her to her bed with the same gray necktie again and blindfolds her with his t-shirt. After some foreplay with wine and ice, they have sex. Afterwards, they discuss his "indecent proposal" and he discloses that he was "collared" when he was a submissive to "Mrs.

Robinson" this is a nickname Ana gives to the woman that dominated Christian years ago, obviously a reference to "The Graduate". He offers to introduce her to some of his former submissive, but she immediately refuses and is put off by the notion.

He accuses her of being jealous, which upsets her and she asks him to leave. He gives her a passionate and romantic kiss before leaving and says to Ana "What are you doing to me? Kate comforts her and says that he seems to have commitment issues.

She also informs Ana that her dad called while she was with Christian to tell her that her mother can't make graduation because her husband, Bob, has a minor injury. Ana emails Christian her comments and concerns about the contract, including the following: why can't she masturbate, why can't she touch him, she's not on board with being "punished" physically, she refuses to eat from a "food list" he has provided, etc.

After some emails back and forth, she goes to bed feeling troubled. The next day, Ana calls her mom to discuss Bob and how she won't be able to see Ana graduate, which Ana is okay with. She and Christian email back and forth some more, with him confirming their date for 7pm the following day which he will pick her up for.

She insists on driving herself and meeting at Escala, to which he reluctantly obliges. Ana calls her step-father, Ray, and realizes how much she can't wait to see him at her graduation because he's always treated her like his real daughter and they have a special bond.

Ana and Kate pack up their apartment some more and go to bed. The next day, Paul shows up at Clayton's during her shift and asks her on a date. She refuses him and makes it clear that she is seeing Christian Grey, much to his disappointment. Later, she drives to Escala and meets up with Christian at the bar. They sit in a private dining room and immediately get into a discussion about the contract. He tells her that she can walk away anytime she wants to, but once she goes, that's it.

This pains her to hear. They eat oysters, and he compromises with her on several contract issues, assuring her that they will take it slow because he knows she is inexperienced. They flirt, and she realizes that if she stays any longer, they will wind up having sex in the dining room.

She gets up to leave, and he embraces her and pleads with her to spend the night with him, but she refuses which frustrates him. The valet brings Ana's car around, and Christian is appalled that she is driving an old Beetle which he feels is very unsafe. She assures him that she's fine with it, and they part ways. When she gets home, she reads an email from Christian saying that he hopes she will take him up on his offer because he really wants to make it work with her.

She goes to sleep, once again, crying. Ana has an erotic dream about Christian involving a braided leather riding crop. She wakes up and vaguely tells Kate about her evening. Kate reads Ana her valedictorian speech while trying to get her mind off of Christian.

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Ray arrives, and they go to the graduation. She sees Christian there, wearing the same gray necktie that he's tied her hands with during sex. Things get underway, and Christian makes a speech about trying to eradicate hunger around the world and that he had personally been a victim of going hungry, which shocks Ana and makes her wonder about his life before he was adopted.

Diplomas are handed out, during which Christian and Ana share a brief exchange about her ignoring his emails, which puzzles her. Afterwards, Kate winds up introducing Christian to Ray as Ana's "boyfriend," much to Ana's embarrassment, however, Christian goes along with it. He and Ray have a nice conversation about fishing. We meet Kate's brother, Ethan, who just came back from Europe.

Ana is not happy with Kate, but she insists that she's doing Ana a favor and that Christian just needed a push.

Privately, Ana tells Christian that she wants "more" than just the BDSM stuff if they engage in any kind of relationship, which puzzles him but yet, he doesn't dismiss it. She then verbally agrees to "try" to engage in the relationship he wants, and he is thrilled. Ray and Ana go out for lunch, parting ways with Christian.

Later that night, Ray drops Ana off at home, and they say their goodbyes. She discovers her cell phone is dead, and upon charging it, she discovers 2 texts from Christian from the previous night, as well as an email on her laptop, both of which hoping she was okay driving home in her Beetle.

They exchange more emails, and he decides to come over so they can discuss the contract again. She decides that she will give him the expensive books back and wraps them up before his arrival.

Christian arrives, and they drink fancy wine out of teacups. She tells him that she feels cheap when he downloads her expensive things, but he tells her it is his pleasure to do so and that she is most certainly not cheap. They discuss more specifics in the contract use of sex toys and such.

She admits that she is very uncomfortable with the idea of being punished, but he will not negotiate it saying "it's all part of the deal. In return, she has to accept his graduation present to her: a red hatchback, two-door compact Audi.

They have sex, with Ana getting to have all the control by being on top, and go to sleep. Upon waking, Ana tries to touch Christian's chest but he tells her not to. She asks him again why he doesn't like to be touched, and he says, "Because I'm fifty shades of fucked up. While he is getting ready to leave, he urges Ana to seek out contraception because he hates wearing condoms.

Ana is sad that he is leaving and rolls her eyes at one point, which is something Christian has warned her not to do, or he will spank her.


He puts her over his lap and spanks her 18 times. It's not too painful, and Ana seems to semi-enjoy the experience. Christian then has sex with her from behind and soothes the redness on her butt from the spanking with baby oil. Taylor, Christian's live-in assistant, picks him up from Ana's apartment. She feels uncomfortable with herself that she actually enjoyed the spanking and isn't sure what kind of girl she is anymore.

She calls her mom and they have an emotional conversation about men, and she urges Ana to come to Georgia to visit them and get away for a while. Kate comes home and sees Ana is upset about Christian again, urging her to dump him. After some wine, Kate leaves to call Elliot and Ana emails Christian. They exchange emails about Taylor selling her Beetle, and Ana refers to herself as a girl that Christian "occasionally fucks.

She abruptly shuts off the laptop and lies in bed, crying.

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Not even 10 minutes later, there is a commotion of Kate yelling at someone and Christian bursts into Ana's bedroom. Kate offers to throw him out, but Ana says it's fine. He wants to know why she is upset and feels it must be something he's done men really are oblivious. Ana feels that he is trying to change her, but he doesn't see it that way and likes her the way she is.

He just needs to feel that control over her by getting her to obey him and punishing her when she doesn't.She says she needs time away from him and everything that has happened so she can get some clarity. The interview ends, and Christian sees Ana out to the elevators where they part ways. She then verbally agrees to "try" to engage in the relationship he wants, and he is thrilled. Ana notices Jose has called her again, much to Christian's dismay. Had tits?

Kate says she thinks Christian is in love with Ana, and that Ana should confess her feelings to him, but she just isn't sure about all of it. Robinson and doesn't get a response. In it, they specifically address how women are conditioned from early ages to be passive and accept and affect certain attitudes and behaviors.